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About Us

Devoted to Enhancing the Community's Climate Resilience

The "Community Climate Resilience Concern Group" (CCRCG) is youth-led group dedicated to addressing climate justice issues in Hong Kong. We are concerned about the impact of extreme weather, especially heatwaves, on vulnerable communities, those living in sub-divided housing, and the homeless, and are working to reduce the impact of climate change on them. Through various policy advocacy, community projects, and activities, we are committed to enhancing the community's climate resilience and building a climate-just community.

Looking to the future, the Community Climate Resilience Concern Group will continue to actively promote innovative ideas and collaborate extensively to make effective use of community resources to solve the problems brought about by climate change. The organization will focus on expanding the scope of policy advocacy to decision-makers, government departments, high-risk heatwave areas, and large corporations, while actively organizing more public awareness activities to educate the public about the impact of climate change and climate justice issues. The organization also hopes to expand programs such as the "Summer Rest Station" to provide more support and services to help community residents cope with the impact of extreme weather.

Policy Advocacy

Community Climate Action and Engagements


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